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Should you follow your passion?

  How often have you heard that to be successful in business you 'must follow your passion'. Countless times right?  Lately however I've noticed successful business people such as Mark Cubin, Seth Godin and many others, saying that while it may help, it's not the...

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Australian job vacancies rebound

  According to “The Sydney Morning Herald” (September 29 2016) job vacancies are on the rebound by 4.5 percent, the highest since mid-2012. If you can believe it. Personally, I think the fallout from the mining bust still has quite the grip on the WA community -...

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How to beat the robots

How to beat the robots: the future of jobs in Australia The reality of our changing workforce, as revealed in a speech last week by the Reserve Bank's head of economic analysis, Alexandra Heath, is a complex one. And anyone concerned with having a job in five, or 10,...

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Looking for a new job is so relaxing, right?

Wrong!  Well I guess it can be if you're merely curious about what's out there and not seriously looking. But most of the time it's a hassle. Let us here at 4 Hour Resume writing take the stress out of your job search. And yes you read right. You get the first draft...

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